Fractures & Dislocations

fracDislfracture is a break or crack in the bone. Several types of fractures exist, but fractures resulting in bone fragments that penetrate the surface of the skin (called compound fractures or open fractures) are particularly dangerous. Loss of normal positioning of the fractured extremity can obstruct blood flow to the affected limb.

A dislocation occurs when 2 bones are out of place at the joint that connects them. Dislocation may also cause injury to nerves and blood vessels. Joints that become dislocated and later heal are more likely to become dislocated again.

Fractures or Dislocations Symptoms

  • Tenderness, swelling, deformity, and discoloration occur with fractures and/or dislocations.
  • Bleedingoccurs when a fractured bone pierces the skin (a compound or open fracture).
  • Sensation may be lost below the fracture or dislocation, indicating possible nerve and/or blood vessel injury.

fracDislhelpReturning to normal activities can be difficult after this type of injury.  Muscles have become weak and joints are often stiff and swollen.  Most people are unsure what activities or exercise they should or shouldn’t do.  Our knowledgeable clinicians can guide you in the right direction.  While we strengthen and increase mobility in the affected area – we will show you how to safely return to your pre-injury activities.