Our goal at Novo Healthnet is to achieve for our clients functional independence through excellence in education, manual therapy, and exercise.

All of our physiotherapists have a university degree in physiotherapy and focus on a direct “hands-on” approach to your treatment. Novo Healthnet places great value on continuing education for our staff — in fact, some have received national certification by completing specialization exams in manual and manipulative therapy and are now instructors/assistants for the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Our physiotherapists are constantly updating their skills and knowledge in orthopaedics and sports injury. Staying current with the latest techniques, treatments, and research allows them to offer the best possible treatment, improved quality of care, and better results for their clients. This in combination with our emphasis on direct care and true one-on-one time with the client allows us to offer a very valuable and trusted service to our clients and referral sources.

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